Monday, 7 November 2011

Plane Crashes

Although some of the most horrible plane crashes in the would would not have been photographed, here are some of the world's worst plane crashes in photos:

Plane crashes in water: US Airways Plane Crashes In Hudson River.

TACA flight 390 operating from El Salvador to Tegucigalpa, suffered an accident upon landing at Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The plane inexplicably circled the city twice and it ran out of runway because it landed more than halfway down the length of the strip. Upon landing it could not stop before the end of the runway and crashed into a ravine, and a road, finally coming to rest broken into three parts while its nose crashed into the roadside embankment.
One of the worst plane crashes - Two fully loaded 747 jumbo jets collide on a fog-shrouded runway on the island of Tenerife, March 1977
Cargo Plane crash at airport in Texas—A Fedex cargo plane that crashed during landing Tuesday at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport hit the ground in a grassy area short of the runway, an airport official said.
An Air Force C-5 cargo jet carrying 17 people crashed and broke into pieces today while trying to make an emergency landing at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
A Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed in Brussels after take off. The pilot said he had heard a loud noise before the plane crashed and was torn into two at the end of the runway. Fortunately the plane did not catch fire when it hit the ground. The rescue team howeever covered the wings with fire foam, because it was still full of kerozene.

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