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10 Most Ridiculous Laws From Around The World


1.Death in the House of Parliament

Law: It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament, London

Too late to take any legal action against the criminal in this case. Easily the most stupid law ever to be passed.

2.Flushing in Switzerland

Flushing the toilet after 10 pm where the person lives in an apartment is illegal in Switzerland

Instead of doing something about the plumbing the government took an easy way out by inventing this law that restricts people living in apartments from flushing their toilets after 10 pm. So whether you relieve yourself and leave the house stinking or you just wait till morning, the choice is completely yours.

3.Freedom to urinate

In United Kingdom, a pregnant woman can legally urinate anywhere she wants, including if she requests, in a policeman's hat

Such a thing would be a definite treat for the tourists who come all over the world to see the Royal Guards. Being pregnant isn�t such a bad thing after all.

4.Blindfolded driving

Law: In Alabama, it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle

The stupid thing about this law is the fact that it even exists, I mean isn�t it obvious that you have to keep your eyes open while you drive, or the people of Alabama are so dumb that the state actually had to pass such a law.

5.Matrimonial false teeth

Law: Women in Vermont, USA must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth

Unbelievable, but true, women living in Vermont will be breaking the law if they get false teeth without a proper written permission from their husbands. Where did this law originate from is still a mystery, but I�m assuming that a group of middle aged men invented it to torture their wives. I wonder where all the women�s rights workers were when this law was being legalized.

6.Medical piety in Bahrain

Law: A male doctor in Bahrain can only examine the genital of a woman in the reflection of a mirror

This law was probably passed for religious purposes, but this is plain stupid, because whether looking directly, or through a mirror, you are, in any case peeking into a woman�s private organs. A law that prohibited male doctors to examine female genital organs in any way would have been a more sensible one.


7.Internet access not allowed

It was illegal to get internet access in Burma

Even though the ban on this infamous law has been partly lifted, I had to include it in my list because this is one of the most bizarre things I�ve ever come across. In 2001, the Burmese government allowed limited internet access of some website, but the internet traffic still has to pass through government servers. The Burmese sure do take their internet censorship seriously.

8.Chewing gum in Singapore

Law: Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore

Ever thought that chewing a gum could land you in jail? Well in Singapore it can! This law was passed in 1992 because people used to stick gum under places like chairs and tables instead of disposing them off properly. An irritating habit no doubt, but this is too harsh a punishment. This law was revised in 2004, allowing gum to only those who need help in quitting their smoking habits. Hence gum is available at pharmacies only and you can�t purchase it without a proper medical prescription.

9.Visitors toilet

Law: In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter

Although this law must have been passed to benefit those who need to use the loo and can�t find any public toilets, but still it is very dangerous. What if a crook entered your house with the excuse of using the toilet and then robs you off. Installing more public toilets in the country would be a better solution if you ask me, I would rather break the law by refusing a stranger to use my toilet than getting robbed!

10.Single parachuting

Law: Single women cant parachute on Sundays in Florida

If you are a single woman and parachuting in the sunshine state on a Sunday, the only place that you'll be landing on is the police station thanks to this senseless law. Women who break this law are usually fined, but an arrest can also be made.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Patented

The 10 Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Patented

1digg The wheel. The light bulb. Big Mouth Billy Bass. Great inventions inspire awe, while providing comfort and convenience to the masses. Other inventions inspire second-hand embarrassment and provide a window into the dark souls of the men who created them. In an extended compilation from his Daily Nooner, blogger Ross Wolinsky counts down 10 pieces of irrefutable proof that at least one clerk from the patent office comes to work stoned every day.
The Flatulence Deodorizer
Filed in April 2000, the flatulence deodorizer "discloses a pad to be worn by a user for absorbing gas due to flatulence."
This drawing pretty much sums up the problem: You're at the airport, waiting for your luggage in your favorite "Z" jacket, when suddenly you find yourself emitting odors so foul they require stink lines to be properly illustrated.
If you can get past the I'm-basically-wearing-a-weird-diaper-for-farts factor, this invention is actually a pretty good idea. Or it would be, we guess, if you're like the people in the testimonials on Those peoples' lives have been completely ruined by farts. A quick sampler:

"Your product has really helped me in the cramped space of my cockpit. I would sometimes notice the other guys using their mask to get some fresh oxygen ... When I feel the urge I usually quickly install it thru the back of my pants. Then I do not have to worry. It also does a nice job muffling the noise."

"On September 14th mom will be 78 years old, and that's why I'd like to take her to Hawaii ... I've traveled there twice, but she never has because of her flatulence problems."
Method And Device For Recognition of a Collision With a Pedestrian
The days of plowing your car into things and not knowing whether or not it was a living person are finally over!
This patent, which uses sensors in the car's bumper and engine hood, claims to be able to decide "with a high reliability" if that thing you hit was a pedestrian! It also takes into consideration changes in acceleration and whether or not the brakes were used prior to impact to figure it out. Sounds like a pretty smart system to us. With that in mind, here's a little suggestion for the inventors: When you guys roll out the next version of this thing, maybe it'd be better if it actually PREVENTED the collision. That would probably make it slightly more useful. As it stands, all this really does is keep a tally of how many vehicular homicides you've committed.
Animal Ear Protectors
Do you have a dog with long, floppy ears, and if so, do you give it food? And if you give it food, is it always getting its long, floppy ears covered in the food that you give it? Is this actually a serious problem that you have to deal with? If so, you should write a letter to your local pet accessory manufacturer and let them know about US Patent #4233942.
Then again, if this is a legitimate concern for you, you might also ask yourself, "What's wrong with my dog? Why can't it clean the excess food off its ears?" Or maybe, alternatively, "Will my dog look any less dumb walking around with these stupid tubes around its ears than it would with crusted-up dog food all over itself?" Then maybe, finally, "Why do I even own a dog? I don't have time to deal with this bullshit."
Jet Powered Surfboard
To be honest, a jet powered surfboard isn't really pointless at all. Say you're out in the Pacific carving a SICK pipeline and a shark creeps up on you. On a normal board, you'd be like "bummer," but on a jet powered board, it'd be more like "no problemo!"
Also, just think of the cinematic possibilities that jet powered surfboards would open up. If they ever end up doing that long-awaited Point Break sequel, can you imagine the chase scenes they could pull?! They'd make the hoverboard sequence from Back To The Future II look like a big pile of shit.
So yeah, it'd be great if these were commercially available, but they should probably come with one of those body counter devices from invention # 9 because jet powered surf boards would almost certainly kill hundreds (if not thousands) of people every year. Of course, these would be people who could enter the afterlife knowing they had died the most awesome death possible.
System For Magnetically Attaching Templeless Eyewear to a Person
For the uninitiated, "temples" are the little arms on eyeglasses that go behind your ears to hold them on your face. According to this patent, temples "cause discomfort to the wearer ... and can even cause permanent creases in the wearer's head." Rather than go to his optometrist and get his glasses adjusted, inventor David Peschel decided to go the extra mile and waste years of his life solving a nonexistent problem.
Here's the thing, though: Judging by the illustration, this system requires you to surgically remove your ears and replace them with magnetic rings. That seems a little drastic, particularly when you consider the fact that GLASSES REALLY AREN'T THAT UNCOMFORTABLE.
OK, upon closer examination, it turns out the system works by sticking adhesive magnets to the sides of your head. In a way, that might actually be worse than surgically removing your own ears. At least people without ears are capable of dignity.

Most Awaited Inventions Of The Future

Most Awaited Inventions Of The Future

Technology is great and the outcome of it is always impressive. From hundreds of years back till today the human race has experienced great technological advancements in different fields. The consequences of which have always eased the life style of masses. Technology turns boon to those who can make full use of it with skill and knowledge. Inventions being done presently form a good base for the inventions of the future. Let’s take this argument with an example. Who can deny that the cell phones have not changed the lives of people.
sixth sense
6th sense technology
Versions of cell phones have been launched time to time with additional advanced features and techniques. Amazing cell phone services have been launched from time to time. How about using a cell phone setting on a table and putting it on a projector mode where the images of the phone would be projected on to the screen. The future cell phones would be so capable that you touch a sensor it will measure your pulses and blood pressure. Thus a clinical help from cell phones. These cell phones will also warn you about smoke or CO2 or the ratio of other toxic gases.
Military Inventions of the future: Another area where we can expect some big inventions in future is  with the military weapons and systems. As creation of some crowd-management type non-lethal weapon which will use some non-lethal weapon where some kind of microwave radiation will be employed which would make you feel as though you are on fire. The moment you come out of the beam or it gets blocked, there is no pain at all. It will be effective up to a mile away. A great weapon to  invent some non lethal weapons.
Medical Domain: Medical field is the another expected field where inventions of the future are probable to occur. Medical devices are sure to develop huge in the recent future. And this would include the medical devices and instruments. Use of pace makers and insulin pumps have become so common. Artificial retinas and artificial hearts are successful in keeping patients alive for long. Now the upcoming technological advance will witness creation of artificial organs. Artificial blood is another great technological example to be used by the military in the battlefield. The work is still in progress on this concept.

Energy Inventions: Another field where some important inventions of the future are expected to occur is with new ways of harvesting, storing and harnessing energy. The use of batteries have highly expanded and we can expect that in near future this storage capacity will increase 100 times the storage capacity of present batteries. We can even expect all electric vehicles running on road. This will make our dream of a world without pollution, a truth.

Some other great inventions of the future that have been done in the field of technology and that are expected to control the lives of people include 4G Technology, Vulture Unmanned Aircraft, launch of Midori, 3-Dimensional Computer Processor, Draganflyer X6 and human robots.
future technology

Thus in the near future our generations are going to witness a world that is clean, full of technology and is a knowledge zone.

Big loin wants to eat little girl

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50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from them.
Today, we're looking at the animal kingdom to draw some inspiration from. Not the full animal kingdom, just a specified part: colourful insects. Some of these insects have amazing colour, while others like to keep it on a suble yet noticeable green hue.
50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects
Here are over 50 pictures of amazingly colourful insects! Other than the colour, sometimes the weird shapes of the animals can be enough for inspiration too. Bugs, butterflies, spiders and another colourful insects can be found right here.
50+ colourful insects
Assassin Bug

Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Insect
Black Swallowtail
Bug Nymph
Ceraunus Blue
Colorful bug
Colorful Caterpillar
Colorful insect
Colorful guy
Colourful bug
Colourful bugs
Colourful Wings
Cow Killer Ant
Crab spider face
Dama dama
Dangling Conversation
Don't Bug Me
Dragonfly Personal
European hoverfly
Free as a Butterfly
Harelquin Ladybird
Well I'll bee
Insect Fear
Interesting Bug
Its colorful and it jumps
Insanely Large Colorful Insect
Lasius Flavius
Colorful Little Guy
Malaysia Bug
by Kurt (a.k.a. orionmystery)
Colourful bug
Colorful Mexican Insect
Orange Bug
Platycnemis pennipes
Praying Mantis