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Most Awaited Inventions Of The Future

Most Awaited Inventions Of The Future

Technology is great and the outcome of it is always impressive. From hundreds of years back till today the human race has experienced great technological advancements in different fields. The consequences of which have always eased the life style of masses. Technology turns boon to those who can make full use of it with skill and knowledge. Inventions being done presently form a good base for the inventions of the future. Let’s take this argument with an example. Who can deny that the cell phones have not changed the lives of people.
sixth sense
6th sense technology
Versions of cell phones have been launched time to time with additional advanced features and techniques. Amazing cell phone services have been launched from time to time. How about using a cell phone setting on a table and putting it on a projector mode where the images of the phone would be projected on to the screen. The future cell phones would be so capable that you touch a sensor it will measure your pulses and blood pressure. Thus a clinical help from cell phones. These cell phones will also warn you about smoke or CO2 or the ratio of other toxic gases.
Military Inventions of the future: Another area where we can expect some big inventions in future is  with the military weapons and systems. As creation of some crowd-management type non-lethal weapon which will use some non-lethal weapon where some kind of microwave radiation will be employed which would make you feel as though you are on fire. The moment you come out of the beam or it gets blocked, there is no pain at all. It will be effective up to a mile away. A great weapon to  invent some non lethal weapons.
Medical Domain: Medical field is the another expected field where inventions of the future are probable to occur. Medical devices are sure to develop huge in the recent future. And this would include the medical devices and instruments. Use of pace makers and insulin pumps have become so common. Artificial retinas and artificial hearts are successful in keeping patients alive for long. Now the upcoming technological advance will witness creation of artificial organs. Artificial blood is another great technological example to be used by the military in the battlefield. The work is still in progress on this concept.

Energy Inventions: Another field where some important inventions of the future are expected to occur is with new ways of harvesting, storing and harnessing energy. The use of batteries have highly expanded and we can expect that in near future this storage capacity will increase 100 times the storage capacity of present batteries. We can even expect all electric vehicles running on road. This will make our dream of a world without pollution, a truth.

Some other great inventions of the future that have been done in the field of technology and that are expected to control the lives of people include 4G Technology, Vulture Unmanned Aircraft, launch of Midori, 3-Dimensional Computer Processor, Draganflyer X6 and human robots.
future technology

Thus in the near future our generations are going to witness a world that is clean, full of technology and is a knowledge zone.

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